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Here are those moments that made us pause, before uttering "Uh..was that? Some 13 years after his last original adventure (remember, 2005's Live and Reloaded was a remake), Rare's foul-mouthed squirrel made (the opposite of) a triumphant return as part of Project Spark's game-maker system.

" The Microsoft E3 press conference gave us a closer look at some impressive games, but the showing wasn't without its strange phrases and awkward moments. So is there going to be a pre-made game featuring Conker?

Click on to the next slide and see what we're talking about. Or is he just going to be a personality-free prop we can put in our adventures, like a wall texture or a fence?

If there's a way you While we give kudos to Microsoft for acknowledging the video game ecosystem outside of the Xbox, asking people to share #myfavoritegame in little vignettes kinda blew up in its face. Pretty much every presenter and speaker highlighted a game that wasn't a notable Xbox release.

But as the people behind the following moments can assure you, it's not all fun and games.