Start Jeff and jordan still dating

Jeff and jordan still dating

News that they're still stuck on picking a location for their big day."We're trying to figure out where it's going to be first," Jordan explained.

I find it odd, as Jeff and Jordan are set to appear on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, set to premiere on May 29 on WE tv.

Lloyd was chosen to be a houseguest on the eleventh season of the CBS reality show Big Brother in the summer of 2009.

As part of the season's high school cliques twist, Lloyd was placed in the popular clique, alongside Braden Bacha and Laura Crosby.

Schroeder advises other couples to “be patient because everything happens for a reason.” Having a goal that you want to pursue with your significant other is also important.

“We knew we were always going to move in together; we just didn’t know where because we are from two totally different places.” “Having complete trust in one another made us worry less about where we were going and who we were seeing,” he added.

Here is a promo photo for that show: However, I have some photos for their Instagram accounts and they appear to be happy as ever!

I mean, they are hanging out with Haycole from BB16 and Jordan is even trying on wedding dresses!

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