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As follow up story on Visual Report Writer and the web this time the first report available on the demo website for Visual Report Writer. " but read on and discover that there is enough to tell about this report and the integration.

Fixed signs of the zodiac provide the most rigid structure and the most stable condition; square aspects cause the most rigid tests and obstacles to overcome. "The Manilius system gives rulership of the first decanate to a cardinal sign, the second to a fixed, and the third to a mutable.

Each sign has one decanate ruler which is of its own element...

The report uses the Microsoft Adventure Works 2000 database as its data-source. Very special in the model is that customer information needs to be collected from two tables. To collect the information the report makes uses of an left-outer-join between the table customer and the table shop at the same time a left-outer-join between customer and individual, both links from the same source column, which is impossible from a Data Flex table relationship as that would link to either table A or table B.