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Evidence suggests that the ancient lithospheric mantle that underlay China as late as the mid-Ordovician has been replace by younger mantle represented by the rock shown.

On Earth, traces of early differentiation have been erased by tectonic events, whereas the Moon has been relatively inactive for almost 4 billon years.

Therefore the Moon provides a unique opportunity to study early differentiation processes on a planetary scale.

The demand for a relatively short and inexpensive dictionary of Akkadian is undeniable, especially in the English-speaking world.

The only complete and sufficiently modem dictionary of Akkadian available hitherto is Wolfram von Soden's Akkadisches Handwdrterbuch (AHw).

Lunar zircons are useful because they can give information about both differentiation (as they crystallised in deep-seated plutonic bodies) and impact processes.

They are not easily destroyed by impact metamorphism, but often carry signs of partial reworking during the impacts.

● IFREE 2C & IFREE 3 joint seminar ● Date: 3rd December 2009 (Thu) ~ Place: Seminar Room, the Annex 1F, Yokosuka HQ Speaker: Takeshi Hanyu (IFREE 3B) Title: New geochemical constraints on the genesis of Polynesian HIMU Abstract: Combined Pb-Sr-Nd-Hf-Os-noble gas isotopes as well as major and trace element compositions were determined using whole rocks, clinopyroxenes and olivines for ocean island basalts with HIMU isotopic characteristics from Cook-Austral islands, French Polynesia.

Clinopyroxene and olivine separates record reliable isotopic information of the sources, because they are less susceptibile to crustal contamination, seawater alteration and post-eruption radiogenic ingrowth than whole rocks.

In addition, the early solar system was affected by intense meteoritic bombardment.

The heavily cratered surface of the Moon testifies to this bombardment, which is still ongoing.

(left) Peridotite xenolith from a quarry near Yangyuan, China was erupted onto the surface approximately 38 million years ago.