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Bl dating game online

We DO NOT make or translate any game, but we can help you promote yours if you want! Due to personal reasons, I have not been very active this past year.

There was a boy born in a noble family, Shijo, who were grown up as a sacrifice to a Mononoke spector. By my own feet, I will obtain my own place to live.” The boy was offered as a sacrifice to the spector who is the head of the Mononoke of water, Kirei Kokonoe.

The boy’s Achilles tendon was cut by his mother because of her strong obsession towards him, and he has been forcefully living in a secret room. He brings ‘wisdom’ which is the only thing makes him strong to break through the risk of his fate.

:3 yay all the art is done with mouse,no paper and pencil sketch, no tablet (i don't have a tablet) and the plot and dialogues are done on the spot and was not planned, actually this game was made for experiment : P that's why it's really short.

(..don't rate strictly please._.) I like it, but you should try to add more to the story.

I understand standard dating sims have SEX in it...

Drawn with a mouse, this is my first dating sim for guys... your parents will approve :) Trust Bomee's humor, k?

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“Let me participate in the conference.” Even if he was ignorant of the world, he had a strong passion to make a new world.

There will be lots of difficulties but he won’t give up.

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