Start Dating fairbanks vega banjos

Dating fairbanks vega banjos

This website is dedicated to photos and descriptions of the many banjos in my collection, along with a few other vintage instruments I have picked up over the years.

It has grown beyond the very narrow purposes of identifying certain changes in the Vega made banjo models, especially the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to include when the name stamps changed.

From 1910 thru 1921 dowels were marked with a stamp that included both Fairbanks Banjos and Made By the Vega Co. Thus almost all new models introduced from 1904-1921 carried the name until 1922 .

The Vega catalog circa 1904-1908 unfortunately did not picture but described in detail the incredible Whyte-Laydie De Luxe model which is prohibitively rare or non-existent. 9, and the De Luxe) all of which continued the use of the Whyte-Laydies bracket band construction with un-perforated rims.

Note: After considering the Pickin' list of known F&C serial numbers where the total number produced was evenly divided among the 10 years of producton, I decided that it was not unlikely that F&C actually started a new series with each passing year.