Start Fucking mak datin

Fucking mak datin

Similarly, the music plays with the listener's perceptions, liberally incorporating jagged bursts of fuzz and trippy echo, and often adding suspenseful mood shifts.

If you want to know more, how about you come over and I cook you the best eggs Benedict you’ve ever had?

” Your profile would read: “I work for the weekends and like to make the most of every day.

Another station employee calls her daughter, who's in class at middle school, and asks Mac to say hi. At the LA compound where he built a cavernous studio and filmed the MTV show, Miller has surrounded himself with hardworking artists like Earl, Flying Lotus, Vince Staple and Ab-Soul, playing host while soliciting input and absorbing techniques. I didn’t think that any of that side of things was going to cover this album, because I figured they already didn’t like me. Or they’re like, Sure, he’s getting better, but he’s no MF Doom. For the past year and a half, when I do “Knock, Knock,” it’s fun, but when I say the lyrics, I don’t feel anything. They’re going to play with me and Syd’s going to sing with me, and it’s going to be a cool vibe. Having been with one person for so long, do you think you know more or less about love than most kids your age? But I always believed I was gonna be able to make it happen. My financial situation is very adult, but I have an awesome team.

The group's songs still sound rough and chaotic, but they've come a long distance from the sprawling, messy jams of their 2005 debut.

Subsequent albums LP and Latin sharpened their melodic inclinations considerably and had much tighter song structures, but on Congrats, they patch more vocals into the mix.

While this certainly provides more of a human element to their music, the vocals are shadowy and distant, recalling Liquid Liquid in how they figure into the sound as textural elements rather than as a vehicle for expressing sentiments through easily discernable lyrics.

" Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden asks Mac Miller in April, when the rapper visits New York to celebrate the second season renewal of his MTV reality show. But you gotta go through the bullshit to know anything. We’re trying to do good things, but also we try to be assholes at the same time.