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I remember some of our readers were glad that Lost Song moved to more simplistic action RPG style, that they found the MMO stylings, the skill bars and gauges of , what would you say to those who preferred a simpler game?

Arm yourself wisely: Powerful beasts lurk in the world below, and only true heroes can best them!

Claim yours, then expand your empire and protect it from invaders!

Monster hunting isn’t just a pastime in Albion Online.

Then for some people, they can keep all their skills in the centre of the screen so they can immediately switch and customise their skills while in battle.

Virtual reality is something of the hot topic in gaming right now and right now but would you like to to make a game in VR and what sort of ideas would you go for?

A curious offshoot of this is the husband and wife who play together, on the same server, many times in the same Player Association (PA ? relations outside of the primary relationship, or a genuine sense of role-playing not connecting what goes on from between being Out of Character (OOC) or In Character (IC). Those are the times that can be sheer delight, with many couples going on to date and get married, or sheer disaster with usually one person feeling taken for a ride. With all the joy that an MMORPG romance can bring there is also a dark side to all this: jealousy, betrayal, and the inevitable breakup. What was interesting is it took me a few minute to realize he was not talking about a RL girlfriend.

a group of players who play together as a group) and still choose to romance others. More expected, though, is the RL couple who also pairs off in the game. But for those who are merely looking to enhance their game play, or their *cough*sex life*cough* there is at play a willing suspension of disbelief in which the 21yr old blond-haired blue-eyed co-ed studying music theory at Boston College really is a Star Wars fan who would rather spend her Friday night killing enemy storm troopers with you than out with the girls. In Star Wars Galaxies players can get married in the game by exchanging rings (which are either player created or looted). He was so despondent over the break up that I assumed it was a RL situation.

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