Start Science of dating events using ice

Science of dating events using ice

P., Gislefoss, L., Koffman, T., Fabel, D., Xu, S., and Hormes, A. Late Holocene glacier activity at inner Hornsund and Scottbreen, southern Svalbard.

It is one of the Earth’s oldest known living organisms.

The barren limestone soil around the tree is bare of grass or other plants, supporting only a widespread grove of scraggly Bristlecone Pine trees, at least one of which is even older than Methuselah.

10Be measurements in bedrock constrain erosion beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet margin.

GISP2 bedrock reveals extended periods of ice-free Greenland during the Pleistocene.

Assessing ice margin fluctuations on differing timescales: Chronological constraints from Sermeq Kujatdleq and Nordenskiöld Gletscher, central West Greenland.

Response of a land-terminating sector of the western Greenland Ice Sheet to early Holocene climate change: Evidence from 10Be dating in the Søndre Isortoq region.

When the ancient bristlecone pine took root, the earliest Greek civilization was being established and the Egyptians were just beginning construction of the Pyramids of Giza.