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Youth pastor dating youth

I (24F) can't afford to give birthday or Christmas presents this year, so I asked my friends (23F-24F) not to do presents this year.

Or that time you played dodgeball until you couldn’t move your arm anymore.

Or the time you helped someone through a bad breakup at 3 in the morning.

Seven years ago I was hired by my church to be the new youth minister.

The youth group was on life support at the time, with only a few students involved.

)9) Never call youth after PM on a school night unless you want to incur the wrath of their parents (besides, this is the time when they are supposed to be in their rooms, pretending to study, while they talk to their friends on the cellphone.)12) Never forget that, once you add them to your "friends list" on Facebook, your youth can see everything you are posting (unless you can figure the ins-and-outs of how to block them from reading your politically charged rants or the photos of you from the high school glee club.)13) Never buy into the lie that just because the other youth ministries in town have more teens that you must be doing wrong.

Just keep loving your youth and modeling, as best you can, Christ's way of peace, justice, and grace.

My wife and I, newly married, already had good relationships with the students and their parents and, with my college ministry experience, I seemed to be the perfect fit for the position. Within a few years the group that once struggled to fill a minivan was taking over 40 students to camp every summer. The students were participating in local, regional, and international missions, and were inviting their friends to our activities.