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Who is brian white dating now

He’ll often rant about how ridiculous the assumption is and I tell him from the outside looking in, I can see how people would draw that conclusion.

public breakup from Chad Johnson after the NFL wide receiver allegedly head-butted her during the course of an argument in August 2012; the pair had been married just over a month.

He planned to sell his Bradville house and enjoy a life of retirement with Leena in the Spanish sunshine.

Throughout his short illness, Brian was full of praise for the treatment he was receiving from the NHS and Willen Hospice nurses.“The NHS has been superb.

And when all you see is a black man with a white woman who exposes a lot of issues about his people, it tends to scream modern-day Uncle Tom.

I thought about his experience more as I read responses to Brian White’s recent comments on black women and stereotypes.

Actor Brian White recently sat for an interview where he ranted about racial sterotypes on reality shows, then he shockingly (even though his statement had truth to it) revealed that he thinks many Black women do act like Ne Ne Leakes. Do you think Tyler Perry only depicts black people in a negative light?

So people claiming black women get "stereotyped" isn't necessarily the case. It must have gotten under Brian White's skin when folks talked trash about his interracial marraige. So people getting upset by racial sterotypes should actually be getting upset at the "reality" itself. There are a lot of black people who fit into the stereotype but there are a lot of black people who don’t.

While some were in agreement with his stance, the majority of those who didn’t argued that he has issues with black women, as evidenced by his non-black wife.