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Who is ronald slim williams dating

He made millions of dollars through a partnership with Lil Wayne, but has been feuding with Lil Wayne in recent years, and apparently losing millions of dollars.

In February 2009, the Williams brothers were featured in CNBC's Newbos: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass, a documentary show profiling several black multi-millionaires.

The litigious ethos hails back to the label’s beginnings.

In 1998, Wendy Day, the founder of the Rap Coalition, was an architect in Cash Money’s unprecedented distribution arrangement with Universal Music Group that’s still lauded today.

Previous to the release of the highly reviewed album, Cash Money Records had acquired a great distribution deal with Universal Records.

The label ran by Bryan “Birdman/Baby” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams signed a $30 million distribution and pressing contract with a $3 million advance.

On the other hand are the rappers who haven’t appeared in as many songs, but have built up huge fortunes from other enterprises.

Diddy fits into this group, as does Master P, and so does the tenth richest rapper in the world, Birdman.

Lozada’s first book series, writer Courtney Parker, and will follow Lozada’s alter-ego character, Eve Inez-Landon. native is currently preparing for her nuptials to NFL wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, a love affair featured prominently in the second and third seasons of the show.