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Evangeline lily dating

I think it is time that we stop making stories that are only about men, especially only about heroic men, and I love that they made Tauriel a hero." The actress further confided she had some reservations when she learned her orc-smiting character would be romantically involved with a dwarf.

One such character is Ant-Man's Hope van Dyne who was confirmed to be returning as the Wasp at the climax of Peyton Reed's 2014 film.

Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly says she understands why some fans of "The Hobbit" initially balked upon learning she was to play a female elf heroine created specifically for the film adaptation of J. "The sylvan elves were my favorite characters in the book and it would be a dream come true to play one.

Around 75 women auditioned for the part of Kate Austen.

Writer and co-creator Damon Lindelof said that he and executive producer and co-creator J. Abrams "were fast-forwarding through a tape, and he saw her and said, 'That's the girl.'" It was one of the top shows on ABC's primetime schedule during its run, won a Golden Globe and 11 Prime Time Emmy Awards including best drama in 2005, and was ranked the top-rated TV show of the decade by IMDb.

She took the agent's business card but did not immediately pursue acting.

She eventually called and the agency landed her several roles in commercials and non-speaking parts in the TV shows Smallville and Kingdom Hospital.

The actress plays woodland elf Tauriel in the final two films in the trilogy and she was desperate to take home a keepsake to remind her of her time on set.