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Who is sara bareilles dating javier dunn

Sara Hirsh Bordo’s cheerfully upbeat documentary offers an engaging if heavily sugared portrait of a courageous woman triumphing over a disfiguring genetic mutation that prevents her from gaining weight.

It's all very fun and informal, not to mention extremely personal...a one on one (almost) encounter with one of today's most refreshing, pop stars.

- David Pitz I am sitting down to write my bio for the third time and I'm trying to think of what to say that you can't find on Wikipedia.

Guess that makes this an intimate, return to her roots.

Filling the room with a few lucky contest winners, Bareilles and her band strip things down just a bit, strolling through a short set of massive pop hits ("Love Song", "Gravity"), and those that are destined to become them ("King of Anything", "Uncharted").

Her hair is just dandy, but her face is wizened, her vision impaired, and her 58-pound body is as stick-thin as that of a skinny girl on the cusp of adolescence.

Afflicted with a syndrome that, undiagnosed for years, prevents her from gaining weight, Velasquez can be a shock to behold on first encounter.

Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher close the In Memoriam tribute at the #Oscars. VDpageplg— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 27, 2017 Last night at the Oscars during the "In Memoriam" tribute, Sara Bareilles covered Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now," and it was flawless...You know what you're about to hear is going to be syrup-sweet when Bareilles opens her debut track off What's Inside: Songs from Waitress, singing "sugar, butter, flour" in layered, honey-thick harmonies...Ok, our Bareilles Blitz has been pretty relentless of late..that's only because we don't want The Blessed Unrest, her newest collection of sentimental, heart-string plucking, piano pop, to slip through the cracks...Now 33 years old and established amongst the multitudes of women in pop-rock, Sara Bareilles is venturing into something that few women in the genre dare to explore: an album inundated by melancholy...Don't be shy - how many times have you thought how utterly perfect it would be if a particular moment in life mutated into a musical: singing, dancing, the like?

In conversation with the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, it's a topic that comes up early and often, with Bareilles recounting some of the sweet gestures she has been privy to over the years..enthralling combinations of thousands of lighters and cell phones illuminating night time performance spaces, to the comments that trail through pages and pages of her recent webisode series about the making of her forthcoming album, Kaleidoscope Heart.

Cracking smiles, giggling just a bit; it's clear her affection for them and the role they play in her life is genuine...which makes our latest concert release sort of perfect, actually.

But this week, Dunn is emerging from the shadows and heading centerstage with the release of his superb debut solo album, Trails (available today on i Tunes).