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Kundera is a cousin of Czech writer and translator Ludvík Kundera.

I was writing unit tests and needed to cause this function to kick out an error and return FALSE in order to test a specific execution path.

If anyone else needs to force a failure, the following inputs will work: @ solenoid: Your code was very helpful, but it fails when the current URL has no query string (it appends '&' instead of '? Below is a fixed version that catches this edge case and corrects it.

If you want to easily assign the values returned by pathinfo to separate variable names, list isn't enough.

You can use array_values() first to convert the associative array into the indexed array that list() expects:// throws notices, variables aren't setlist( $dirname, $basename, $extension, $filename ) = pathinfo($file);// workslist( $dirname, $basename, $extension, $filename ) = array_values( pathinfo($file) ); Note that pathinfo($some Path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION) will return '' (empty string) for both of these paths:- some_random_file- another_strange_file_ending_in_dot.

His father, Ludvík Kundera (1891–1971) was an important Czech musicologist and pianist who served as the head of the Janáček Music Academy in Brno from 1948 to 1961. Milan learned to play the piano from his father; he later studied musicology and musical composition.

Musicological influences and references can be found throughout his work; he has even included musical notation in the text to make a point.

Here's a neat wee function to grab the relative path to root (especially useful if you're using mock-directories to pass variables into scripts with mod_rewrite).