Start Canadian online dating scams

Canadian online dating scams

Advice: Do research on any company before accepting a position; ignore a company that asks you to deposit a cheque. Romance Scams: $17 million lost Canadians give away a lot of money as they give away their hearts to Catphishers.

The Competition Bureau and several fraud-prevention partners have announced the Top-10 fraud scams targeting Canadians last year.

Tops on the list in terms of complaints received was the employment scam that bilked victims out of 5.3-million dollars when people sent cheques people offering jobs they can do from home. Employment Scam: $5.3 million lost The most reported scam to BBB Scam Tracker.

Advice: Do not wire money to someone you've never met. Identity Fraud: $11 million lost Scammers steal a person's identity to secure credit cards, bank loans and even rent property in that name.

This also results in a negative social impact on the victim as they have developed emotional and psychological attachment to the fraudster.

Sometimes people with lower match ratings according to the site’s algorithm, actually do really well together, whereas people with high match ratings can’t get along for the life of them.

They have yet to invent a computer algorithm that practically predicts compatibility, let alone chemistry.

Generally, Romance scams involve the victim and the fraudster meeting through a social networking site.